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December 28, 2011 in Bro. Heath's Blogs


By the way, this is a frozen moment of my visage (my face), I may look like a very serious guy here and I can be… but sometimes I can be goofy too. You can’t take all of life too serious. It’s really okay to smile and laughing is actually good for the soul. Jesus told me so. hcg

Heath Christopher Goodman, otherwise known as “Bro. Heath” is a Christian author, speaker, minister and web consultant/designer who has dedicated his little ragamuffin life to serving his Lord and Savior Jesus and serving others as well. Although not completely perfected yet, (just ask his wife and children) Heath strives to live according to the teachings of the the Word of God. One of his many favorite scriptures is Micah 6:8 “He hath shown thee, O man, what is good; and what the LORD doth require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God.”

He is available to preach, share the Word or to counsel FREE of charge to anyone who dares to listen to someone who won’t just tell you what you want to hear or “tickle your ears”. Heath tries to shoot straight with all men but on occasion has been known to miss the mark and even sometimes has “epic fails”… but since you are not paying him for “professional counseling or preaching” what do you expect for FREE? If you are wanting a formal “plastic type” religious counselor or minister who smiles incessantly while professionally nodding his head inserting every so often, “I see” while stereotypically scratching his chin, then Heath is definitely not the guy you want to talk to.

If you want a preacher to bring a “pep rally” to your church service, then we suggest Heath as a very, very, very last resort. This is because Heath identifies more with the weeping prophet Jeremiah calling a “solemn assembly” rather than a circus performer who wants to wow the crowd with dazzling and motivational fluff stuff. Right now, Heath thinks that the church should weep more than we “party” since the world is in such a mess and we’ll have all of eternity to “party”… So even though Heath likes to make puns and bring smiles and laughter, overall, he carries the burden of the Lord to bring people to true sorrow and repentance which leads to true salvation. But our tears always need to be mingled with joy and hope too. There’s a real balance. Unfortunately, Heath is not called on very often to preach at many churches even though He would love to share all the fiery passionate “Words from God” bottled up inside him ready to explode at any given moment.

Heath’s personal testimony is like an onion with many layers, but unlike an onion, hopefully won’t make you cry (unless he shares the sad parts of his life without puns). His sad parts include many horrific scenes from initially being almost murdered by an abortion attempt to multiple birth deformities, to childhood abuse, to humongous family dysfunctions, to teenage mutant drug and alcohol addictions, to dabbling in occult practices, to suicidal thoughts, to self esteem issues, to “an angry bugger bear syndrome”, to practically every possible temptation of the flesh on this dark side of the universe. Yes, Heath continues to spiritually battle/struggle against the forces of evil within and without.¬†Some Christians can’t relate to his struggles as they seem to have spiritually arrived to a state of blessed bliss… but then others have mentioned that they too have to constantly slap their flesh into submission. Heath is kinda unnerved by incessantly sugar coated Christians but tries to be patient with them since they are weaker brethren who have yet to wake up to the reality of the human condition and spiritual warfare of life.

Heath can not promise to interact with you for any real length of time on a superficial level. Maybe initially to keep things from getting too awkward. But at some point, his conscience gets the best of him and he begins to break down to talk sincerely and deep to deep, heart to heart. He really enjoys talking about the deep truths of God, Jesus, the Word of God and eternal things. He can camp there forever but unfortunately this world is constantly pulling him back into the shallow. This is why he doesn’t seem to be so popular among those who need their superficial space to go through life with shallow distractions and entertainments… because Heath really can’t relate to the contestants on American Idol, or what the latest Hollywood star is doing, or what the current professional sports teams stats are. Yes, Heath will try to talk the “language of the shallow” and peep and mutter about trivial things like sitcoms or shopping mall sales but most people can see his heart is not fully immersed in it, as they themselves are. This leads to a “rift” in relationships that Heath would normally love to pursue further but just can’t because almost nobody likes to talk about Jesus “all the time” or about eternal things more than a few minutes at church or elsewhere.

Anyways, Heath decided to write his own profile bio since he thinks it’s important that people are introduced to the “real Heath” and not just a nice white washed “wrinkle free” marketable version of himself. Yes, he’s writing this right now and referring to himself in the third person.
Isn’t that just special. Blink blink.

I guess if you want to get to know him better than a bunch of crunched up, dusty words on a profile page, then you should give him a call or contact him in a real personable way. You can read more about him through his free published book “Angels In The Snow” which is more about his testimony as an abortion survivor and it can be downloaded here. Here is Heath’s contact info for those who want to take it to even the next level-
Heath Christopher Goodman
Phone: 404-307-9185

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To give a donation to his offline and online ministries, that is, to help him get to the place where he can work for God full time and share Jesus and eternal things with people, unencumbered by trying to make a quick buck here or there by selling products no one desperately really needs (more than God)… then you can make a donation to help with ministry expenses by clicking this link here.

As always, “whatever we give to the least of these our brethren, we give unto Him”… ¬†(and surely Heath is one of the “least”) and also “he who gives a cup of water to God’s messenger’s in His name will receive a greater reward.” So thank you in advance for not giving your money to false prophets and prosperity TV preachers with multimillion dollar mansions or megachurches designed to pamper and deceive the masses… but rather showing your support for a lil o’ ragamuffin ministry like mine and giving value to both, the message and the messenger. Pray for me as I pray for you too. Love you. Bro. Heath

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