Adam, Where Are You?

February 22, 2014 in Bro. Heath's Blogs, The Holy Bride


The Creation Of Adam

The Lord God Almighty, creator of all that is, swooped down to gather a bit of earth. The angels were in total suspense and silent awe as the Lord God was about to finish his days of creation with the greatest of all his works combined. The expanse of the universe, the planets set in their motion, the brilliance of the sun, the moon and the stars, the earth and all the splendor of every living creature, those that swim the oceans, those that fly the skies above and those that trod the earth below, none of them would even come close in comparison with the incredible being that God would forge with his hands and heart that day.

As He shaped the clay to human form and then blew the breath of life into His masterpiece design, the angels were stunned with pure amazement and delight when the creature opened his eyes and the Lord God thundered throughout all of heaven, “This is my beloved son, Adam, the firstborn of the human race, made in my own image, after the likeness of my divine being, a pure sentient life form with higher intelligence, self awareness, a conscience, a free will, and with an imaginative creative ability that I myself possess, only limited to the boundaries of physics and  the scope of his head and hands…This is my son, Adam! He is the pinnacle of my creation and the very reason I have created this great universe and all that is contain therein…”

The angels truly were in great astonishment.

And when they saw Adam and the genuine enthusiasm and love of Father God as He revealed the grand design, a son, a true, living, breathing son of God, the angels roared with applause that sent waves of rumbling joy and praise throughout the heavens. The great Michael and Gabriel who stood as the warrior leaders of the great angelic host of the Lord God were filled with tears of joy to see Adam’s visage.

And from that moment that God revealed his son, all the heavenly host pledged themselves as guardians of all humanity, protector of the Lord God’s creation. They truly cherished all that the Lord God had made. They genuinely loved Adam, a son of the God they faithfully served.

The Garden Of Eden

Now Adam was placed in the Garden of Eden. This was no ordinary garden. This garden was teeming with all life forms and the most beautiful flowering trees and vegetation you could imagine. This was the garden of brilliant color and light, which had no darkness or shadows. Eden was created solely for Adam to flourish in a sweet fellowship and an intimate communion with His Father, the Lord God Almighty. This is where the Most High God of the universe would stoop down, clothed in humble vestige to walk and talk with Adam, his beloved son. This was the garden of paradise, the garden of a beautiful intimacy between God and man. Eden was meant for intimate fellowship with God. So beautiful was this intimacy between God and his created son, so incredibly inspirational that all the angels of God would marvel and desire to behold it’s loveliness. The audience of heaven would hush themselves to peer down at Father God walking and talking with Adam.

The Lord God’s great delight was to stroll among his creation, but far more special, He loved to be with Adam and Eve, his son and daughter, the very apple of his eye, His beautiful children. The Lord God and all of His majestic presence would hover over the garden, like a dotting mother, and simply breath in the delight of His existential creation. He would be enraptured at the sound of innocence and purity, at the love and laughter of Adam and Eve. The Lord God would close his eyes and smile as his children called on His name. And as the Lord God walked through the flowery pathways of Eden, He sparkled with joy when He heard his son and daughter rustling in the brush as they ran with delight to meet their Father in the way.

The angels would be genuinely tickled to see the beauty of Father God with His children. When Father God took his children on a safari of Eden, to show them the wonders of creation, Adam and Eve would ooh and awe in pure delight at every color splashed design of nature and marvel at the grand constellation of stars above. Every day God ‘s heart leapt with pure joy as he looked forward to the time He spent one on one with Adam and Eve in the garden. Father God loved Adam and Eve so incredibly. He loved their simple innocence and purity. He mused at Adam, as he made up names for all the animals, Father God allowing his boy to be part of the creation process. There was such a beautiful relationship between Adam and Eve and God… a Father and His children in a paradise of intimacy. It was so wonderful, so lovely, more beautiful than any created thing.

Everyday a song and a fragrance of love and grace permeated the atmosphere as the God of the universe humbled himself to walk alongside his beloved Adam, in the flowering solitude of Eden. It was truly an epic moment in the genesis of creation, the first communion of God and man, a beautiful bond of heaven and earth. This is what flourished and grew in the garden. This is what made angels cease all activity to gaze in total awe. This was the very purpose of the garden of Eden.

Adam, My Son, where are you?

But then one day, on the saddest day of all of eternity, God came down to the garden as usual with joy in His heart to meet with his son, with his daughter… but Adam was not there, Eve was not there. Father God walked alone that day, shuffling along the garden as he cried out across the floral landscape, “Adam, my son, where are you?” Eve, my daughter, where are you? Adam, why are not here to meet me in the garden? Where have you all gone?”

As God walked along the same path they had taken everyday, He search over the towering trees and flowing streams. The Lord God was bursting with hope that He would hear the rustling of Eden’s brush to find His children running towards Him. He searched up and down the pathways until the cool of the day… but soon Father God would have to conclude that Adam wasn’t coming that day, Eve was not coming. His beloved children were not there … Why? Because Adam and Eve were hiding from their Father. Adam and Eve were ashamed of something. Father God knew His son and daughter must have fallen in the garden… just as previously a chief angel had fallen from heaven.

Now the Lord God is clothed in the beauty of holiness. The angels cry holy, holy, holy because God is so pure and has no evil or unjust way in Him. He is of a singular nature, 100% good.

In Eden, Adam was created in His image. Adam was made with a singular nature as well.  Adam and Eve only knew good. They had no knowledge of evil. They were innocent of all evil.But in the garden, there was placed a tree that was forbidden for them to eat. It was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, a tree that offered mankind to know or experience evil just as they already knew and experienced good.

It was a test of obedience which made paradise vulnerable to the possibility of a duality of existence. If plucked from and eaten, the fruit of this tree would introduce Adam to the “great void”, that is, the void of God’s presence and goodness. You see, evil is only the void of God’s goodness, in very much the same way that darkness is really only the void of light. God’s goodness is based on His holy and just character. God’s love is based on His righteous laws and precepts.  Just as God put fundamental laws in the universe to govern the physics of time space and matter, He also has laws to govern the hearts and minds of very sentient, free will being in His creation. This is the law of love, the law of goodness, the law of God that governs all of eternity. The Lord God put the tree there to show all of heaven that He truly gives His children free will, the freedom to make independent choices, even if wrong ones… to fully respect the hearts of men to freely choose rather than to be forced to obey. The Lord God truly hoped His son and daughter would never choose to act outside the known laws of God, to stay in the love and goodness of God’s light.

But now Adam and Eve were hiding in shame and fear of their Father, who they once had no shame or fear of. The Lord God knew they must have eaten from the tree that was forbidden. It was the only way that such negative emotions would be inserted into paradise. In one single act of disobedience from their Father, Adam and Eve came to know what evil was… “experiencing” now both good and evil… and breaking the moral code that had been pre-programmed into Adam’s core operating system, the laws of God written into Adam’s heart and conscience. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil would strip Adam and Eve of their singular nature. They would no longer be a reflection of God’s image, no longer pure and holy. They would have a dual nature of both good and evil.

Now, Eden was no longer so brilliant with light, as shadows of darkness seemed to slither across the landscape. But even so, the Lord God still cried out, in the stillness of that moment when all the angels wept with heavy hearts at the emptiness of Eden that was once filled with love and laughter. God still called out for His son and daughter until all of creation heard the cracking sadness of the Father’s voice crying out, “Adam, where are you, my son?” Eve, where are you my daughter? “Adam, where are you.”

The beautiful communion was now broken as innocence and purity was stolen from the soul of man. The holy God of brilliant light and eternal habitations could in no way deny His holiness, his goodness and just character to fellowship now with evil and darkness. He would have to sever His bond with his beloved son Adam. He could no longer walk with Adam in the paradise of intimacy. The law of God had been broken and the penalty was death. Father God had warned Adam, “The day you eat of this tree, you will surely die.” Now they had eaten of it, and the law of God demanded the penalty to be paid. Adam and Eve and all the children of men would be mortals and their days would be numbered on the earth.

The sad fact was that Adam and Eve had been given free access to all the other trees in the garden, including another tree that would have prolonged their lives indefinitely, for all of eternity had they continually ate from it, it was the Tree of Life. It was the tree that had the fountain of youth flowing from it’s branches. The fruit of this tree when eaten would have rejuvenated the deepest cellular structures of Adam and Eve so that they never grew old. The Tree of Life alone had the power to make all things new.

Adam and Eve were exiled out of Eden, no longer able to access the Tree of Life, and for the first time in all of eternity, paradise seemed empty and void of something that once flourished. Angel’s tears flowed down from those that guarded Eden as they groaned in anguish at the silence of the children who were missing from paradise. They could no longer hear Adam and Eve’s innocent laughter or the sound of Father God’s loving voice communicating with His children… a voice that thundered with radiant love through out all of Eden. No, the angels could only hear the haunting echo of Father God’s broken cry, the deep sorrowful question that still bellows out to all of humanity today, to all of Adam’s sons and daughters, “Adam, my son, Where are you?” “Eve, my daughter, Where are you?”, “Adam, where are you?”

Since the beginning of creation, and throughout all of human history, the sons and daughters of Adam have multiplied to cover the face of the earth. And there has been not one soul who has come and gone upon this mortal plane, who the Almighty Father of creation has not cried out the same words He did in the garden, “Adam, my son, where are you?

Every soul of man has been watermarked with this echo of God’s great travail, “Adam, my son, where are you?”

Every human heart has been branded with these fiery word’s that flow from the tears of God, “Adam, my son, where are you?”

Those of you who are enslaved to drugs and alcohol addiction with seemingly no way out, you lie on the cold streets of lonely cities across the world, wishing someone cared or someone would intervene on your behalf, Father God sees you, He cares and calls out to you, “Adam, My son, where you? Those of you who are teenagers and you’ve lost all purpose and motivation for living, and you stand at the verge of suicide, Father God see your heart, He calls out to you in the void, “Adam, my son, where are you? Eve, my daughter, where are you?”

Those of you who are young ladies who have been forced into slavery, tossed around like a ragdoll dehumanized by wicked men who only see you as a expendable pleasure, and you are so abused and beaten down that your life becomes unbearable without a fix of chemicals to keep you always high, but you lay upon your bed with a dream of what life could have been for you, and a tear falls upon your troubled face, a tear that God himself has borne within you, that cries out, Daughter of Adam, where are you?” Eve, My daughter, where are you?”

Those of you whose every waking hour and only ambition in life is to pursue money, power and materialism, not knowing that in the end, your life is a vapor and none of your possessions will follow you to your mortal grave, God cries out to you, Adam, where are you? Those of you who delight in evil pleasures who only live to fulfill fleshly appetites, to pursue your sexual perversions and promiscuity, you may militantly deny your evil behavior is even wrong and though you have a good amount of society encouraging you in your rebellion and immorality, but deep down, the laws of God are written in your heart and you know what you are doing is wrong. Father God is calling out to you as well, “Adam, where are you?” Eve, Where are you?

Across the crowd of faces of all Adam’s sons and daughters, in every venue of life, if you can read beyond their superficial smiles and laughter, you can see a deep loneliness in their eyes, in their souls… that cry out for something they know is desperately missing in their lives… a splinter in their hearts that groan for an intimacy beyond the realm of mortal men… Eternity is in their hearts, a faint and indistinct residual image upon their conscience… of a paradise lost, everlasting life forfeited, and a hollow loneliness of soul yearning for Eden’s beautiful intimacy once again with Father God, their Creator.

If these sons and daughters of Adam could just pierce through the dark veil of their own rebellion and evil heart… if they could rise above the noise of vain philosophy and false religion, they would clearly see and hear the true God of creation crying out as He did in Eden, “Adam, my son, where are you? Eve, my daughter, where are you?” They would hear God’s calling, beckoning them back to Eden, back to true fellowship with the Father of all living things.

 Religion & Churchianity & The Double Nature

Today all religions, including much of institutional Christianity and the church are actually anti-God, a deceptive substitute for Eden, for true intimacy and fellowship with Father God. Religion and churchianity is meant to deceive us into accepting empty ritual and placebo God experiences, that are a form of a relationship with God, but deny the true power and substance of knowing God personally and intimately.  When Jesus came on the scene, He rebuked much of institutionalized religion as a fraud and a scam. He exposed the ideas of a pretentious religion that made God into an unreachable nebulous cloud out in space or too high and mighty for common people to access. Jesus spoke of God as a loving father, who yearned to show His goodness to the sons and daughters of Adam. If you look closely at the main theme woven throughout Jesus’s teaching, it is clearly to reveal that God is our Father who we can truly seek to know.

The destitute, the needy, the broken, the outcast and the poor, we all live in perpetual hopelessness and fear until the great light of the Messiah shines on us to reveal that the God of Heaven is very real and He reaches down to the humble and broken, to the sons and daughters of Adam to show us that we are no longer orphans, the Lord God is our Father.

Many self-proclaimed “spiritual authorities”, religious institutions and churches are just a way for men to circumvent a true intimacy with Father God. They become the middleman between God and men. Instead of solely leading men to put their faith in a living Savior and a real personal God that we can all get to know, they love to control and manipulate you through religion and their self ordained authority. But the truth is, a true Godly leader is a humble servant whose only job is to point people to the living Christ, the true and living God. We must have a personal walk with God not just a good church attendance or even a self promoting ministry to try to gain a following. It is emptiness and vanity without knowing God.

Religion replaces intimacy with imitation, the true presence of God with a pretense of God, feelings that try to conjure up goosebumps and chills. True relationship is replaced with religious exercise. True passion is replaced by emotional frenzy. True love is replaced by spiritual infatuation.  True inward character development is replaced by outward charisma and personality for grandstanding. The true “transforming” power of God is replaced by “conforming” to outward doctrine and “do’s and don’ts”.  Many religious people only retain God in their thoughts and their emotions during their ritual time at church on Sundays or when they gather but God is not truly the love of their life. Like Jesus said, they draw near with their lips but their hearts are so far from me.

So many people are caught up in false religion and churchianity. But no matter how hard they try to rid themselves of their emptiness and guilt ridden souls through pious façade and pretentious religion, deep down they know they are alone, without the true presence of God. They know something is desperately lacking in their “faith”, in their religion, that Eden, the garden of a beautiful intimacy with God is not truly in their hearts. If they would just turn from their hypocrisy and pretentious religion… God would reveal himself to their sincerity and humility… if many preachers and teachers would go beyond the infatuation of hearing themselves recite eloquent prayers or sharing nice intellectual, motivational messages that really are only meant to lift themselves up as some sort of spiritual giants… which they are not… there’s only one spiritual giant that I know of… If they could hear how hollow their words were and be honest enough to admit that they are only going through the motions in order to impress people, then maybe they could be humble enough to hear that faint cry in their religiously messed up souls, the cry of Father God who is calling out to them, “Adam, my son, where are you?” Eve, my daughter where are you?

Why are you pretending to walk with me in the garden? Why can’t you really walk with me along Eden’s pathways? Why the elaborate hoax of getting people to think you are a spiritual leader when you clearly don’t even know me? Jesus said, “Many will come on that day, saying Lord, Lord, but I will declare, I never knew you! Adam, my son, where are you”?

You see, no matter how virtuous we may think we have become in our man made religions, our hearts are just as desperately wicked as the most evil men who walk the earth today. To assume we are a better person because we compare ourselves with other sons and daughters of Adam is so very foolish. Virtue may damn more souls to destruction than vice ever could… Why? Because we deceive ourselves to think that goodness is something we acquire by doing good deeds or performing religious duties. But apart from God, all our righteousness is as filthy rags. The tree of good and evil is the double helix within our spiritual DNA. Becoming a religious person and doing good deeds doesn’t change our dual nature. We are still evil. Jesus knew what was in the heart of man and those who use religion to promote themselves, no matter how pious or godly they seem are self deceived about their goodness. They are only “white washed tombs full of dead men’s bones”, as Jesus put it, exposing the dual nature of men.

A great messenger of God once said, that if the devil can’t damn your soul through the pleasure of sin, He’ll damn your soul through the pride of virtue. Jesus cried out, woe unto you Pharisees, hypocrites, double souled. We cannot become good by merely becoming a disciple of morality or religion just as putting a Band-Aid over our cancer will not affect a cure. We do not “do good” to become good, lest we take credit for ”our own goodness” and become self righteous.  In Romans, Apostle Paul wrote about the struggle of a dual nature within us. But he also told of Christ Jesus as the hope of redemption. Only through Christ and His Holy Spirit can we be tried, transfigured and purged of an evil heart. Only through intimacy with God are we filled with His Holy Spirit and His goodness becomes an expression within our souls. Only through His righteousness are we able to exceed the righteousness of the Pharisee. God alone is good and the only way to be filled with “goodness” is to be filled with God… and the only way to be filled with God is by going back to Eden, to the garden of beautiful intimacy with Him.

The Tree Of Life

In Eden, we find again, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, still there tempting us to pursue our own course without God, to start our own religions, to walk our own path of darkness and deception. We are a mixture, we are compromise. We are a duality of soul, double minded, with two natures. Within ourselves, we can never be totally good, totally holy and pure.  We can never by our own efforts become like God again, with a singular nature of goodness. It’s impossible. The stain of sin is fused within us. The knowledge of evil is now intertwined within humanity’s DNA to cause us to be an offshoot hybrid of God’s original intention. We are no longer the image of our Father.

The only way man could be redeemed from this stain of evil, this fate of a dual nature would be for God to find a sacrifice, first to atone for the evil, to pay the penalty of death for sin and then to transform the soul of Adam’s race back into the original design, into the image of God, back into a singular nature of purity and goodness.

But who would pay a debt He did not owe, what innocent man would take the punishment of death to satisfy the law…

Father God found only one worthy sacrifice when the other Son, his only begotten, uncreated Son, Yeshua, Jesus, the Tree of Life who stood in the center of Eden from the foundations of the world. He heard his Father’s cry that day, “Adam, my son, where are you?” In the midst of the garden, the Tree of Life came forth and said, Here I am Father. Let me become the second Adam, and the last Adam. Let me as the son of God, go down to become a son of man. I will bring back to Eden all my brothers and sisters, all the lost sons and daughters of Adam. I will repair the breach. I will bring mankind back into a beautiful intimacy with you, my Father. I will make all things new.

And because of His sacrifice on the cross, we can go back to Eden and choose to eat from the Tree of Life there in the midst of the garden, who truly holds the key to immortality and life. The Tree of Life is the Son of God who did not choose the serpent’s poison. He obeyed Father God and never strayed from Eden’s path. He is Yeshua, Jesus. He is the one who came down to seek out all of Adam’s lost children, to show them that they do not need to hide any longer. A way has been made, a bridge back to Eden has been built. All we, the sons and daughters of Adam can be forgiven! We can be delivered, set free from our sin, our addictions and enslavements. We can once again fellowship with God without fear or shame.

Good new, Good news! The gates of Eden are no longer guarded by angels! The sons and daughters of Adam are no longer held in exile! The Tree of Life now invites us all to eat of His branches and drink from the water of life that will spring up into everlasting habitations! Eden is open to all the sons of Adam. Angels are beckoning men to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Life. There is joy and jubilee in the garden now.

Many redeemed sons and daughters have rejected the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, no longer deluded about their  supposed goodness. They are broken and humble, who know their hearts are deceitful and wicked without God, who know their spiritual poverty without Jesus. They claim no virtue but His. And all that have this hope in them purifies himself just as He is pure, having the hope of transformation of their souls back into the image of God, into the image of His dear Son. This is what propels them to live as He lived, to love as he loved… not for show or to become puffed up with religious pride or a sense of spiritual superiority.

The Tree of Life is the only cure from death, the only way we who are mortal can find immortality… Don’t you want to live forever? Don’t you want to be restored back to a beautiful intimacy with your Father, the God who created you? Can’t you see, don’t you get it, only those who reject the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, who despise their wicked dual nature, who instead eat of the Tree of Life will live forever, inherit eternal life! It’s the only way! No mixture, no false or pretentious religion to make our evil hearts feel good about ourselves, no trying to do good deeds that cannot take away the evil stain within our hearts, no living with a dual nature of both good and evil… trying to convince others of what a good person we are.

We must be sanctified and set free by the blood of the Tree of Life, Yeshua, Jesus. His goodness alone is the acceptable sacrifice, the worthy offering before Father God.

The Tree of Life sacrificed Himself on the tree of death, the cross, to make atonement for all the children of Adam!

Now when Father God calls out in Eden, “Adam, my son where are you?”, there is a great number of Adam’s sons and daughters who have returned to Eden by way of the Cross.  And the rustling of Eden’s flowery brush is heard again as Adam’s children run up to meet with Father God, responding back to Him, “Father, here I am, here I am! I am right here next to you, Father. I never want to leave you again. I never want to disobey you or hide from you again. You are my Father. You are so good, so holy, so pure, so merciful and gracious, so wonderful, so precious, so incredibly beautiful. Here I am Father, Here I am, right next to you and the Tree of Life, My Yeshua Jesus, my very sustenance, my only hope, my only joy.”

And Father God smiles at the sound of His children once again playing in the garden of Eden. The angels rejoice once again as the garden now flourishes with the love and laughter of Adam’s children.  The joy is truly unbelievable.  The radiance of heaven, God and man in sweet fellowship again!

And yet, Father God looks at all His children in Eden and a deep groaning, an intense yearning overcomes Him for more sons and daughters to return to the paradise of intimacy. He still cries out for the many wandering, hiding children who have yet to come back to Eden, who have yet to experience the true beauty of His holiness, the wonders of His mercy and love. If only the sons and daughters of Adam would seek Him with all their hearts, they would find that God was never far from any one of us. If only they would repent, give up their evil ways and turn to the Tree of Life, the lamb of God that takes away their sin and their guilt, oh, they would truly understand the secret…the secret that it is only the pure in heart that can ever see God. If you want to see God, guaranteed, you must cry out to him in sincerity of repentance! You must ask Him to forgive your sins and purify your heart. It’s the only way back to a singular nature of God’s goodness in us. It’s the only way back into Eden, into the everlasting kingdom of God.

But now, it is Father God who continually cries out to us , to this generation of Adam’s lost children, missing from Eden, He cries out in all human hearts, everywhere… “Adam, my son, Where are you?” And if you will quiet your own wayward heart, if you will silence your own rebellious or religious thoughts, if you lean your soul toward Eden, towards the Tree of Life and Tree of death, the Cross of Christ, if you but strain your inner ear, you will no doubt hear your Father God calling you also, “Adam, my son, where are you?, Eve, my daughter, where are you? Adam, Where are you?”

~Message By Bro. Heath

*We make no apologies for the many scriptures and references in this article because it is necessary that you know that it is not our opinion but God’s Word that really matters in the end.


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