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Here is where our church members gather in a public Tinychat room to have online fellowship, worship, prayer, Bible studies, and church services! Invite your family, friends and people who need the Lord to an online church service! No matter how far apart you can still worship together!

All members are automatically subscribed to this “JesusChurch” group and will be automatically signed in the main Tinychat sanctuary under their CLJ profile name! You will have “almost moderator status” with the ability to play Youtube videos & Soundcloud audios in the chat room! Just please remember that this tinychat room is set apart, sanctified for the holy purposes of the Lord Jesus, so no secular or worldly media please! Also be respectful and seek permission first to play videos/audios if there is a moderator or church staff person leading the group. Most importantly, have fun! Have fellowship! Have fire from the Holy Spirit’s workings!

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