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The Tithe And The Offering

As “cyber-missionary staff” members of the Church Of The Lord Jesus website, we have dedicated this website as a holy place on the internet, a sanctuary from the wicked wide web. We pray that this truly would be a gathering place for saints and sinners who desire to come to God, a place of fellowship and encouragement, a place to truly hear the Word of God. Just as most churches pass an offering plate to help fund and support the ministries and operations of a physical church, so we have made a way for our church family to help us underwrite this massive vision to truly be THE CHURCH on the internet! We have already committed a lot of time, money, bandwidth and resources into this project. Because of our scope and ongoing vision, we do not see this place as “just a virtual place” but truly a very real presence and light in this dark world. The internet truly is a mission field and we want to be that little ol church on the hillside that the wayfaring and wandering can find the truth spoken to them in love. We have wonderful and game changing ideas in store as we continually upgrade the site and add new features. We invite our members to submit ideas and other want-to-see-features that we could offer to make this place even more “rockin” than it already is. We do not want to make anyone feel they have to pay for the ministry and services offered here at the Church of the Lord Jesus. However, we would like to ask those who feel led by the Lord to help underwrite and support the church the ever expanding vision for it to give generously as the Lord prompts you. We do ask that you save your regular tithes to go to your offline church as you should but if you can make a weekly, monthly or annual offering to the work here, please do as the Lord leads. If you do not have a church offline and you want to give a tithe pledge to us as an ongoing support of this ministry, we are grateful for this as well. Our goals are huge as we desire to have our own monster servers to facilitate the greater vision but our means are humble. We request our brothers and sisters in the Lord to help invest in souls and in this ministry, to support these efforts. Remember, as a Christian, no matter what your offline church is, the Church of the Lord Jesus IS your online church, your sanctuary on the net!!! God bless you in your giving! Thank you brothers and sisters!

Tithes- Reoccurring & Fixed Amounts Offerings- One Time & Open Amount

This systems uses a highly secure Paypal account. It’s okay if you don’t have a Paypal account, you can use almost any credit card. Look for the little link on the initial Paypal screen that says “No PayPal account? Pay using your credit or debit card“.

If you are having technical difficulty with this online donation
system, you can also send a tax deductible check made out to Church OF The Lord Jesus to the following address:
Church Of The Lord Jesus
Office # 108
745 Chastain Rd, Ste. 1140
Kennesaw, GA 30144

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