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The Holy Bride is the newsletter of the Church of the Lord Jesus. We will send it out every so often (not more than twice a month- our anti-spam promise!) to all of our members who not only want to stay informed about what’s going on here at the Church of the Lord Jesus website, that is, new features, special events, announcements, etc., but also to give out a message that will challenge and encourage believers to “come out of her my people, partake not of her sin”, “to keep their garments white” and prepare for the coming of our Bridegroom, the Lord Jesus! There will be a variety of contributing members who will write for The Holy Bride. Actually, we invite any and all our members to submit any Word or message that God gives to be prayerfully considered in an upcoming issue! Just go HERE and submit a message and use the category drop down “The Holy Bride” to submit for consideration. God bless!

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