The True Gospel

Hi friends- Perhaps someone gave you this link to check out the message of the true gospel or you stumbled upon it through divine engineering… either way we invite you to watch these short Youtube videos that may be very healthy for you and lengthen your days as a mortal to an immortal. Yes, these are life extension videos… they may increase your life from 70 or so years to endless billions and billions. Isn’t that great?

Brother Heath G. shares a brief message on what is the true gospel. Notice he doesn’t have to grit his teeth and scream or do a chicken walk dance behind some pulpit to share it.

[tubepress video=”Mc7OdY9zQ0Y” autoplay=”false”]

Here is a great presentation of the true gospel which is a little more in depth and concise.

[tubepress video=”6g698NXpgrI” autoplay=”false”]

Here is Bro. Paul Washer’s video sermon on the gospel which is a sincere effort to wake up dead religionists into a living relationship with Jesus.

[tubepress video=”cqbPaXhK4Zw” autoplay=”false”]

If you need more information about having a new life in Jesus, the one and only living God and Savior, please feel free to contact us and let us know how we can help you in any way. God bless.

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