Video Email

VideoPhoneVideo Email Someone!

The future is here and now! You can record a video up to ten minutes long and send it via email to anyone you need to… so let’s just say you are doing espionage work for the CIA in some foreign country and you begin to realize that corruption, conspiracy and general overall wickedness is everywhere… and the country’s mafia syndicate are hot on your trail, wanting to kill you, and all other forms of communication have failed you up until now… and you have a really important message to share with someone special… let’s say another FBI agent or CIA dude… or maybe just your mom… You can do that right here, right now! You can even have the message “self destruct” after some time… how exciting is that! Now it won’t self destruct in a dramatic desktop mushroom cloud but it will be erased from some server somewhere… or maybe it won’t… maybe it will be intercepted by some clandestine agency… or maybe it’s my wild imagination again. Anyways, bless someone with your newest video email. Have at it, Mr. James Bond.

Those of you technically challenged might need to know that you must click the “allow” button on the flash player in front of you. But if you were a CIA agent or someone who constantly interfaces with the 21st century, you’d know this already. ;0) God bless!

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